Tips for an Energy Efficient Home

If there’s one thing that everyone loves, it’s saving money on bills.There are plenty of little things that we can all do to help save energy – they don’t take much time and can make a surprising amount of difference.

  • Appliances

    Turn off appliances at the wall – don’t leave them on standby.
    Use standby power controllers or turn off small appliances when you’re not using them – they can use 5% of the average home’s energy.
    Always check the energy-rating label when you buy a new appliance.

  • Bathroom

    Fit a water-saving shower head and reduce your time in the shower.

  • Heating

    Beat the winter chill without breaking the bank. Keep your heating at 20 degrees to save energy.

  • Washing

    Air dry your washing rather than using a tumble dryer.
    If you must use a dryer, keeping the air filter clean is good for both your dryer and your energy bill.
    Washing your clothes with cooler water can result in some big savings on your energy bill.

  • Cooking

    When cooking, set your oven to fan assisted – it cooks quicker and more evenly than conventional settings.
    Use lids on saucepans for quicker, more efficient cooking.

  • Lighting

    Switch lights off when you’re not in the room to save on your energy bill.
    Switch to LED lights and you could save up to 80% of energy per bulb.

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