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Our Commitment
We are here for you

We are here to look after you and provide great customer service. We also want to help you understand your energy usage and make the best choices to control the cost of this. If you need to get in touch, please see our contact details. We are fully committed to making sure all our customers are treated fairly, as a minimum we will ensure:


  • We always act honestly, transparently, appropriately and professionally.
  • It’s easy for you to contact us in a way that suits you – our contact details are here.
  • Any information we provide will be accurate and easy to understand.
  • We will only provide you with information and offers that we believe are appropriate to you.


Whilst we will constantly review how we work to ensure we keep delivering exceptional service, we do accept that occasional things will go wrong. If this does happen, please get in touch and we will put things right. However, should you need to make a complaint you can follow our Complaints Procedure to ensure you get the right outcome.

We also want to be sure you understand your rights within the energy market and you can find out more in this document from the Citizen’s Advice Bureau.

Priority Services Register
Priority Services Register

For those customers who need a bit of extra support we operate a Priority Services Register, which means we can take care of your needs, whether this is providing bills and communications in a different format such as large print or Braille, or making sure you get advanced notice of any planned supply interruptions in your area.

Who can register

Anybody who is of pensionable age, registered disabled or chronically sick can be registered.

What you get?

A password scheme will be used by any of our agents should they call at your property. This password will also be able to be used by you, if you need to speak to us.

Name a friend(s) or relative(s) that you trust to look after your account for you and to be the point of contact for you.
If it’s easier for you to have bills and letters in a different format, please let us know and we will arrange this.

We will also have your details added to your local Network Operator’s and Gas Transporter’s Priority Service Register so they can get in touch with you if there is a supply interruption. They will also make sure you are looked after and kept safe.

Please just fill out this form or get in touch if you would like to register and we will take care of the rest.

Access to your property

From time to time we may send an engineer to visit your home. There are several reasons for this, but they all ensure you receive an undisrupted energy supply with accurate billing.

The most common reasons are:

  • To read the meter
  • Installing, removing, or maintaining the meter
  • Adjusting the settings on the meter
  • Ending the supply

The engineers will be wearing branded clothing and will carry identification at all times. For your safety, we advise you to check their identity card as soon as possible. If in doubt, there is a contact number on the back of the card for you to call to verify the engineer, alternatively you may check with us on 0333 21 25 973.

Sometimes a sub-contractor will be sent to your home instead, and they may not necessarily have the branded clothing or vehicle. However, they will still carry the mandatory identity card for you to inspect.

As part of the Welcome Pack, you may have opted to share a password with us. This password will only be known by us and any representatives that need it to carry out services on our behalf. When in contact, we will ask you to confirm our agreed personal password so you can be sure of our identity. If you would like to set up a password or are unsure of what your chosen password was, contact us on 0333 21 25 973.

As a customer of OneSelect, you have agreed to give us and our representatives access to your property when required as part of the contract.

For more information, read our terms and conditions.

Gas safety

The safety of you and your family is paramount to us. It is important that you are aware of how to respond in potentially dangerous situations.

If you smell gas or have any suspicions, you must:

  • Ventilate the property by opening all doors and windows
  • Avoid smoking or creating open flames
  • Avoid entering the cellar or enclosed spaces
  • Avoid turning on or off any electrical equipment – including light switches and mobile phones
  • Switch off the supply at the gas meter (unless it’s in the cellar)
  • Call 0800 111 999 (The National Gas Emergency Number) immediately. This is a free service that operates 24 hours a day
  • When your property has been deemed safe, let us know on 0333 21 25 973 to discuss the next steps

To reduce the likelihood of a gas leak, we advise everyone to check their appliances and fittings at least once a year.


You are eligible for a free gas safety check with a certified Gas Safe engineer if you meet the following criteria:

  • You do not live in a rented property (as your landlord is responsible for following the regulations made under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974)
  • You are on means-tested benefit
  • You are of pensionable age, disabled, or chronically sick and live with others who are also of pensionable age, disabled, or chronically sick

Please contact us to arrange your free gas safety check if you meet the above criteria. If anything unsafe or faulty is discovered your gas supply will be disabled until the issue has been resolved.

If, however, you wish to arrange your own gas safety check, please ensure the engineer is certified as Gas Safe.


Every year carbon monoxide poisoning kills an estimated 25 people in England and Wales. It cannot be seen, smelt, or tasted; and even low levels of carbon monoxide may cause long term damage.

Please seek medical advice immediately if you or anyone else in your home experiences the following symptoms:

  • Headaches
  • Nausea or vomiting
  • Stomach pain
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue

Should you find your symptoms are alleviated when out of the house, you must investigate the likelihood of carbon monoxide poisoning. Any delay can lead to irreversible damage to you and your family’s health.

If you suspect a leak you must take immediate action:

  • Turn off the gas appliance(s)
  • Ventilate your house as much as possible by opening all windows and doors
  • Call 0800 111 999 (The National Gas Emergency Number) immediately. This is a free service that operates 24 hours a day
  • Visit your GP if you believe you’ve been exposed to low levels of carbon monoxide
  • For high levels of carbon monoxide, get to your nearest local Accident & Emergency centre as soon as possible

Carbon monoxide is most commonly emitted from poorly installed or maintained gas appliances. We advise that you:

  • Have your household gas appliances checked at least once a year by a Gas Safe engineer
  • Install an audible carbon monoxide detector that complies with the relevant British or European safety standard.
  • Frequently check for discolouration or stains around gas appliances (such as boilers or water heaters)

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