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green energy

What is green energy?

When we use natural, sustainable energy sources to make electricity we call it green energy. Sources include solar wind, wave, marine, hydro and biomass. In 2015 roughly 25% of electricity in the UK came from green sources.

This green energy is fed directly into the national electricity grid, so roughly 25% of the electricity we use in all our homes is green, whether we’ve bought a green energy tariff or not. The other 75% is ‘brown’ electricity generated from non-renewable sources such as coal fired power stations.

How green is green?

Many energy suppliers offer you green electricity which they buy on the wholesale market, add their mark-up and sell to consumers at a premium. But this is green energy that is already in the grid and being supplied to your home – in effect you’re paying for something that you’re already getting!

At OneSelect we don’t believe you should have to pay extra for green. Our innovative ‘bundle’ tariff puts you in control of the energy you use with personalised usage data and advice, empowering you to reduce your energy consumption, do your bit for the environment and save money.

We encourage our customers to use less energy, because using less is better for the environment than buying green.

If you’re already paying a premium for green energy, switch to OneSelect, save yourself hundreds of pounds a year and put the savings you make into installing green technologies in your home such as solar panels and LED lightbulbs.

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