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The OneSelect bundle

Most energy companies charge you for your energy after you’ve used it often leading to inflated prices and unpredictable bills.

At OneSelect we ask you to commit to an annual ‘bundle’ of energy. Because we know in advance how much you’ll use, we can negotiate the best possible price on the market and pass the savings on to you. You then pay us the wholesale price of the gas and electricity you use, plus an admin fee to cover our costs.

Your bundle price is fixed for 12 months, you pay us by monthly direct debit, there are no exit fees.
If you use less energy than anticipated we’ll give you a rebate at your fixed rate, because we believe that the greenest approach to energy is simply to use less of it.
If you use more than expected you’ll pay for extra units at our variable rate.
That’s it!

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We love hearing from our customers, but appreciate that your time is precious. If you don’t have time for a chat and need to find out something quickly, check out our online customer care centre which may have the questions and answers you need.

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