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About us

Hello, we’re OneSelect

We won’t just sell you energy – we’ll facilitate your energy needs at the best market prices. OneSelect is changing the traditional energy model by introducing a fairer, simpler and more transparent way of buying your energy that saves you money.

We believe in 4 things


Being fair and transparent doesn’t have to stop with energy bills. We’re also looking at offering broadband, TV, mobile and phone service at low, wholesale prices.


With OneSelect you get wholesale-price energy fixed for 12 months. There are no exit fees, no hidden costs and no unpredictable bills.


We help you stay in control of your consumption with personalised usage data and advice because using less energy reduces bills and environmental impact.


Our commitment to innovation and simplicity makes it easy for you to pay less for your gas and electricity.

What we are planning for the future

At OneSelect we believe consumers deserve a better deal, but this doesn’t have to stop with your energy bills. Now we’re looking at transforming expensive, complicated services such as broadband, mobile and insurance with innovative products based around a simple, straightforward market price tariff.

The people behind OneSelect

Our parent company launched EnergieFlex in in 2014. EnergieFlex was the first supplier in the Netherlands to offer pre-paid billing, smart meters and the ability to switch in just 24 hours.

Switching is as easy as 1,2,3

Verify your postcode, get a quote, fill in the form and you’re done!