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12 months fixed tariff

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12 month fixed price tariff

No exit fees

Competitive fixed pricing

14 day cooling off period

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Fixed energy bundle for wholesale price
No exit fees
More awareness of energy use
14 day cooling off period

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Wholesale pricing

The wholesale price of energy makes up nearly half of a dual fuel bill, yet when wholesale prices drop your electricity and gas bills don’t always follow.

At OneSelect we do things differently – our prices are based on the wholesale price plus an administration fee for the services that we provide. We buy energy at the best price we can, keep our business costs low and pass the savings on to you.

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No Exit Fees

Exit fees are common with fixed rate energy tariffs. With OneSelect there are no exit fees but you still have the benefit of a fixed 12 month contract.

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How green is green?

At OneSelect we don’t believe you should have to pay extra for green – by putting you in control of the energy you use we’re empowering you to save energy and do your bit for the environment.

We encourage our customers to use less energy, because using less is better for the environment than buying green energy – and saves you money.

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Keeping it simple

Online account management makes it easy to manage your account, view and pay your bills, and update your details quickly and simply.

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Need help?

We love hearing from our customers, but appreciate that your time is precious. If you don’t have time for a chat and need to find out something quickly, check out our online customer care centre which may have the questions and answers you need.

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